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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting is crucial to the improvement and development of any player’s game. A top teaching professional recently stated: ‘There are only two ways to improve your game – get professional tuition and hit 10,000 balls over the next six months or buy a custom fitted set of clubs’, John Gregory at his custom fitting golf centre agrees with this philosophy.

You and I have something in common with the top professional players - we all want to shoot the best scores that we are capable of scoring.

We watch the amazing power and accuracy that the top touring professionals achieve. Why do they all use custom fitted golf clubs?

In life things have to fit us, our shirts have to have the right collar size, our trousers the correct waist size, our golf shoes must fit our feet – I could go on and on – we are all individuals and so our golf clubs must fit us. That’s WHY WE CUSTOM FIT.

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Custom fitting

Full Custom Fit (Approx. 1½-2 Hours) £75
If clubs are purchased... NO CHARGE
Own Club Check (Approx. 1-1 ½ Hours) £50
Lie Check (15 Minutes) £20
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