Buggies are currently not allowed on the course (updated 15 October at 07:04)
Club News

Our Facebook page is now up and running. Visit https://www.facebook.com/DartfordGolfClub/ Please feel free to add Club related items and pictures to the page. Find out more
For all members paying via Magnum Credit, the rules and regulations of the FCA have now changed, and users of credit finance have to be in charge of their own agreements. This means that for subscriptions which are renewable on 1st May 2017, every Magnum Credit user will need to log on to the website to confirm their agreement. You will receive an e-mail from Magnum Credit providing you with a user name and password. Please follow this link, and the instructions therein. When you receive your 2017 invoice, please select the appropriate amounts on the Magnum Credit website to make up the amount that you wish to finance through Magnum, enter your bank details and sign where appropriate. Find out more
Sunday Lunch Carvery
Sunday Carvery Lunch Book At The Bar Find out more
Fish & Chips Friday
Fish and Chips on Fridays Please book via the Bar Find out more